I wrote this piece during a recent nature-writing retreat at the “Hostel in the Forest” in Brunswick, Georgia. Our challenge/prompt was to just be in nature for a full day and write. The bare plywood board is comfortable. Something about its bareness makes it embrace the S-curve of my spine in a more natural way […]

“Grandma,” scolds Nina, my youngest grandchild, “just will it.” “Oh, yeah, sorry, sweetie,” I pull my hand away from the door handle and Nina wills it open with a quick, concerted glance. Door handles are just for decoration; in the poltergeist age, doors are much too heavy to open manually. But I always try when […]

I splurged on three things when I got home from my first tour in Afghanistan: my first surfing trip to Costa Rica, my first pair Ray Ban aviator sunglasses, and my second guitar. *   *   * I got my first guitar through a nonprofit called “Operation Happy Note” that provides instruments for deployed […]

Everywhere we moved, we lived among trees. In Pennsylvania the Pines reached wide Their needles brushed against the ground We were small and we could hide in them We used peanut butter to remove The sap from our hands At the bus stop in New York we jumped from the fire hydrant To the lowest limb […]

Originally posted on Movement:
I place my stacked hands on the space right under my navel. My belly presses into my palms as I inhale and expand. Lungs filled to the brim. My belly feels infinite. I exhale like a dragon. Under my hands resides a jewel, the color of a California poppy and it’s…

She grabbed it from the passenger seat–a light blue over-sized post card-sized paper from her doctor with the words “Referral” and “Reason: Depression, PTSD”–and got out of the car. The door closed behind her, indicating that now she had to enter the building. The interior of Dr. Donald Rosenstein’s office was much less nondescript than […]

The green beans, tender in the middle with a satisfying al dente snap on the outside, were accompanied by a creamy, sweet, white, gravy-like sauce and the salty, fatty crunch of fried onions. For a moment, I was just eating green bean casserole. But as I scooped a second bite onto my fork, my mind […]

Dear Ficus Benjamina, When we first met at Home Depot, I knew you would be perfect in my living room. You’d sit in the picture window, inside of a sea-foam green pot, and you’d grow and grow. But now, look at you. You’re all dried up on one side, and dying. If you were my […]

You can emerge From a womb From a childhood Into a room Through a curtain, onto a stage A person can fall Behind Intentionally, for sympathy For someone who doesn’t love her back Or for someone who does A silence can start In a baby’s room, after crying In a marriage In the car, on […]

I’m starting this blog today mostly because it does not already exist and I like starting things. Typically, I’m great at starting things, and terrible at finishing things. Follow-through is not my strong suit. But this blog has a fighting chance of lasting because I have a real, specific, low-stakes-but-measurable goal for it: I will […]


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